I hate writing these things I never know what to put.
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Homestuck Facts I realised at 3am



- Poppop Crocker and Nanna Egbert (aka Post-Scratch John and Pre-Scratch Jane) are the only Human characters that we can assume aren’t virgins…. 

- Calliope and Caliborn’s parents are the only character that we 100% know that aren’t virgins

-Lord English is basically just a really frustated virgin (Someone get him a fedora) 

I think you mean trilby. Because Indiana fucking Jones wore a fedora thank you very much.

Besides LE doesn’t even try/pretend/claim to be a “nice guy.”

Even further besides:

'Tis not the hat that makes the douche, but the douche who ruins the hat for everyone else.

Why do dating apps advertise themselves as “A dating app for adults”, who the fuck is making dating app for children.

I really hope WTNV makes a Dashcon reference in the future, something like

“The sheriff’s secret police finally caught up with the last StrexCorp employee still in Night-vale, today living in the dumpster behind the Arby and surviving on rat’s and leftover. The sheriff’s secret police quickly arrested them and sentenced them to an extra hour in the ball pit.”