I hate writing these things I never know what to put.

I really hope WTNV makes a Dashcon reference in the future, something like

“The sheriff’s secret police finally caught up with the last StrexCorp employee still in Night-vale, today living in the dumpster behind the Arby and surviving on rat’s and leftover. The sheriff’s secret police quickly arrested them and sentenced them to an extra hour in the ball pit.”

Guys with all this 4chan stuff happening, if you ever see me post any disturbing or gory images don’t worry it’s probably just one of my selfies.

What if the reason Ash doesn’t  age, is because when he got turn to stone in the first movie and the Pokemon brought him back to life with their tears they inadvertently made him immortal.

I got bored and wanted to send “Venusaur” to everyone I followed, to see how they would respond  but Tumblr is all like “NOPE! wait an hour”